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We advice our clients on processes, best practices and tools to design, deliver and support high availability products and services in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. We have the experience and expertise to help our clients develop and support quality products and position product availability and customer support as a competitive advantage and market differentiator. We will help our clients customize TFS's standard process templates to their operation and help reduce technology and vendor complexities to increase the ROI on programs to improve product reliability. Our services are provided throughout the product lifecycle and include:

  • Project management
  • Process appraisal, design and implementation
  • Design for quality, manufacturability and supportability
  • Outsourcing strategies for manufacturing and product support
  • Customer support planning and implementation
  • Tool selection and customization

TFS teams with its clients to define needs, establish key objectives and develop a roadmap to achieve high product availability and customer satisfaction. Starting with our client's specific vision, business goals and objectives, we work with their executives and key team members to identify the critical needs and time frames. We provide a logical and incremental approach to investments in processes and tools that drives strategies to practical and successful implementations.

Our roadmap will identify obstacles along the way and what works on the path to design, deliver and support high availability products. We ensure that your team will be prepared to remove barriers when they are encountered and will help you develop methods to remove them. We make sure that our deliverables can effectively be integrated into your environment and are always ready to assist in emergencies and help clarify and correct any discrepancies.


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