Product Lifecycle
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  • Project Plans
  • Requirements for reliability, availability and supportability, RAS
  • Requirements for manufacturability
  • RAS program planning
  • Process appraisal
  • Process development and implementation

Design and Introduction

  • Project monitor and control
  • Evaluate design for supportability and manufacturability
  • Evaluate, develop and execute test plans
  • Execute RAS plans
  • Identify, evaluate, select and customize tools
  • Evaluate and develop product documentation
  • Develop outsourcing strategies
  • Evaluate readiness for commercialization
  • Evaluate, develop and implement product launch plans
  • Plan and implement helpdesk

Operation and Decommision

  • Configuration management
  • Evaluate effectiveness of tools and processes
  • Upgrade and reengineer processes
  • Develop knowledge base
  • Develop and run customer satisfaction surveys
  • Develop and implement support strategies for decommission



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